Focus on Billiards — A comprehensive skills based billiard training system for 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool

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Focus on Billiards™ is a skills based billiard training system that provides detailed quality instruction on the game (9 ball and 8 ball pool), strategies and methodology of play. A multi camera studio production shot in high definition (HD), Focus on Billiards™ provides detailed explanations and strategies along with comprehensive analysis for each lesson taught. This, in addition to on screen graphics and easy to follow learning aids, will benefit players at all levels of experience.

Now Available — Focus on Billiards™ Disc 1
The Basics and The Mechanics of Billiards
(The first DVD in the 6 DVD billiard training series)

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Disc 1 includes:

Part 1 — The Basics of Billiards

Introduces the equipment used in billiards, some of the terms you will need to know to play 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool effectively as well as a number of the most common billiard games.

Part 2 — The Mechanics of Billiards

Provides an overview of the fundamental techniques you will need to master if you want to become a proficient billiard player. These techniques include how to handle the cue, how to approach the table, the different types of bridges, alignment, cue ball speed, cue ball control and the break.

Although billiards is very popular in North America, there are limited tools available to help individuals improve, become proficient and develop skills to compete.

Andre Head

Many of the training videos available today promote the success of a celebrity. Focus on Billiards™ is different, it focuses on the game itself (8 ball pool and 9 ball pool) and is one of the most innovative and informative billiard training programs ever developed. Focus on Billiards™ was developed from "Practice 2000", a billiard training system created by mentor, trainer and billiard professional André Goyette.

André is an accomplished and respected billiard player and was rated one of the ten best snooker players in Canada for a period of twenty years. Although most, if not all professionals, have achieved a perfect snooker game of 147 points at least once in their career, André has achieved 6 perfect scores and has more than 400 century games where he achieved over 100 points per game.