André Goyette

Andre Head

André Goyette has over 40 years of experience as a championship and tournament winner. During his career, he was an Eastern Canadian Champion, a Western Quebec Champion four years running, a National Capital Champion and a winner of many open class tournaments.

Andre Playing

In 2000, André placed 13th out of 84 competitors, in the Senior Masters Tournament in Tampa Florida. André was rated one of the ten best snooker players in Canada for a period of twenty years. Although most, if not all professionals, have achieved a perfect snooker game of 147 points at least once in their career, André has achieved 6 perfect scores and has more than 400 century games where he achieved over 100 points per game.

Andre Young

In addition to being an excellent billiards player, André also designed and developed Practice 2000, a sophisticated billiard training program, to teach his skills and techniques to others. Practice 2000 is the basis for Chromavision Production’s Focus on Billiards™ DVD series.


Andre At Table
  • Designed and developed the Practice 2000 Billiard Training Program
  • Practice 2000 was featured monthly in the former Chalk and Cue magazine
  • Rated as one of the 10 best snooker players in Canada for 20 years
  • Achieved 6 perfect snooker scores of 147 points
  • Participated in over 400 Century games achieving over 100 points per game
  • Canadian Snooker Championship – Finished 3rd in 1990
  • Winner of the Julien St-Denis Open Class Championship 1990
  • Canadian Eastern Champion 1989
  • Winner of the National Capital Championship 1988-1989
  • Canadian Snooker Championship – Finished 3rd 1986
  • Winner of Western Québec Championship 4 years running 1984-1987
  • Winner of many open class tournaments 1974 - 1978
  • Winner of many open class 9 Ball Tournaments
  • Winner of three 9 Ball Pro Tournaments
  • Finalist in four 9 Ball Pro Tournaments